Thank You Once Again!

Another thank you is in order.

I want to thank you all once again for the comments, the likes, the follows, the clicks, the visits, the permission for your links on here, to everyone who has contributed to making my site what it is.

With out you there’s no site, so I just want to say to you all I greatly appreciate all your contributions. Thank you.

I may not always get back to you to say thank you personally for your contribution, that doesn’t mean what you do goes unappreciated. However, I do my best to make sure you all know I appreciate what you all do.

If you want to see my other sites see the links below.

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More Information


Today I’d like to share a link with you from someone else (With permission). Here’s more comprehensive information on GPT sites. Just click the link below.

I read this info on someone esle’s site. It was more comprehensive than mine. This will give you information I didn’t give you.

He was much better at explaining things than me.

I’m more of a fiction writer. I’m better at creating my own content than explaining someone els’s. So enjoy.

Thank you.


I thought all was good with them when it occured to me, I could no longer find my dashboard. I just found out now that I no longer have access to it.

It seems I am no longer an affiliate with wordpress. I put the posts in my drafts for now until I know for sure what’s what with them. I apologize for any inconvenience. I’ll keep you informed once I know more.

Thank you for your understanding.