New Mentality

One thing I learned from wealthy successful people is to have a victor mentality. If we’re walking around with a defeated mindset we are sure to lose.

I know it’s really easy to give up in defeat. Lord knows I’ve done that countless times, but no more. I’m not giving up this time. Opposition isn’t always a sign to quit, that is often a reason to persevere.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few months, or years, renewing my mind. I had a defeated mindset in the past, but I’m moving forward not backward.

I’m reading a book called Think And Grow Rich. I’m finding it very helpful and inspiring. I recommend it.

If I’m going to follow someones advice I want to follow it from someone who’s been where I want to go.

I heard this analogy once from a pastor I like listening to, it was about eagles and chickens. I don’t remember everything he said, but the gist of it is this; Chickens don’t get anywhere in life because they are either afraid to, or just don’t want to do what’s required of them to be where they want to be. Eagles are content with what they have in life, but they don’t want to stay where they’re at. They’re not satisfied. They’ll do what it takes to learn, grow and change to get to where they want to be.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be an eagle. And I want to follow the leadership of eagles.

I don’t want to be tomorrow, where I am today.

Author: yala

Hi this is Yala; this is not my given name, it’s my nickname I acquired as a child. People eventually stopped calling me this, but I wanted to revive it. It was a sentimental name for me. That’s why you’ll see some areas that’ll say Yala, and others Sarah. Sarah is my given name. I have attempted to do blogging before, and even some online stores, but then they became inactive when I got really busy. I was helping my mate with his roofing and painting business. I enjoyed it for a time. But now I feel called to do something else. There are a number of things I want to pursue, one of them is blogging. Writing is ultimately what I want to do, and with blogging I get to do just that. I spend a lot of time researching GPT sites, and survey sites. Mostly finding them and trying them out to see how they deliver, and how user friendly they are. If they look like spam or if they look like someone cares. And then I put them on this site. I do one at a time so that I don’t run out of material. And so I can write more about them. You might not see as much sophistication here as you would other sites because that’s not who I am. That’s not part of my ‘DNA’. If I can make this fun for you to read and encourage you to try out the sites suggested I’ll have reached my goal, ‘partially’. The other part of reaching my goal is when you are helped, and make some money on these sites, or are able to receive gift cards or something. If you can gain from these sites, then I’ll have gained from them too. It might look like I’m just in it for the money, but that’s not it. If that was the end all be all for me I wouldn’t give these sites the time of day. As they don’t pay a lot. However, everyone shops, and games was one of the most searched words when I checked, some of these sites have games you can play and get rewarded. Many people like watching videos, why not get paid for it? Why not get paid for things you do anyway? I might get further in my rewards with you starting out using links and codes I provide, I do need to make some money too, who doesn’t? My goal is to help other people while I help myself. I love making a difference in peoples lives. I’m not here to sing my own praises, I get the best praises from Jesus, my saviour. I just want to reassure that I’m never going to spam you with the deliberate intention to do so, I’m never going to do anything harmful to anyone with the deliberate intention to do so. I really care about people. And I rejoice when I’ve done something to make someones life at least a little bit better than it was before. I pray for your success on these sites and apps. Thank you for reading this and visiting this blog.

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