This site is anything related to cash, if I find something legit, that’s not a scam or spammy I’ll promote it here. I don’t want to promote anything that people will get nothing out of. I might bring up something other people are getting success out of too.

One example is Adfly. I read on someone else’s post they were making money from Adfly so I decided to try it myself. That explains the ads when you click my links. For more information see my Adfly post.


Another one is Appnana. I cashed out on that one, so I know it’s legit. And it’s really easy to accumulate points there. For more information see my Appnana post.

I’ll also be putting inspiration, humour, announcements, what ever I find to put here. I’ll do my best to put stuff that’s cash related.

How is the ‘Eagle VS Chicken’ mindset related to cash? Well, if you have a chicken mindset you’ll stay broke.

Thank you so much for your visit, may God bless you richly.

I’d like to welcome you to my other sites as well.



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