Cream Cookies

This was one of my favourite treats my mother used to make.

The collage I made myself with one of my favourite apps.

Lemon Bars

This a recipe from my mother.

You may find some posts here I shared on yalas travels, but because yalas travels ‘went south’ I decided to put some of those posts on here.

My mother sent me a bunch of recipes to share with you all. So I will be sharing one by one. Maybe not everyday, but it’s a random pick each day.

Thank you all for your time. And thank you all for your follows.


I haven’t given up. I just got really busy. So, I’m sorry for not posting everyday.

These photos below I took on my way to Calgary. A few days ago. They are close ups of the scenery I saw. I was able to take them when we got stopped. I’m not sure why we got stopped. Sometimes that happens on our way either to or from Calgary.

Sometimes it’s due to an accident on the highway, sometimes it’s to do with avalanches, or road repairs.